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You may have heard that Victoria is for the newly wed and nearly dead. Not true! The proportion of the population over the age of 65 is 17%, which is a little higher than the average of most major cities in Canada, but lower than one would expect given some people's impressions of Victoria as a haven for retired folks.

In fact, the people moving to Victoria have a higher than average income, and a better than average education. 51% of the homeowners in Greater Victoria don't even have a mortgage. Approximately 13,000 people move to this area each year.

Since 1989, over 140 businesses have moved to Victoria to take advantage of the friendlier environment, temperate climate, skilled and willing labour force and lower costs of operation. Most people, in fact, choose Victoria because of the quality of life. We have all the advantages of a major metropolis, without the downside of heavily congested traffic, a high crime rate and the stresses of a big city. We trade subway time for sailing and golf time! The population of over 300,000 in Greater Victoria avails themselves of the many cultural activities here as well: many live theatre companies, musical theatres, opera, and our well-supported symphony orchestra.

Nearly 30% of the adult population in Greater Victoria has been to university, and 25% of homeowners have an income of $70,000 or more. In fact, so many people in Canada would like to move to Victoria that it is said that people who come here spend the first six months looking for a job, and the second six months creating one!